Hospitality Certification

Welcome to Star Six Academy!

We are committed to the process of helping hotel owners upgrade their services to achieve the highest level of personalized attention for their guests. We take pride in the quality of our certification programs and this ensures customer satisfaction and a substantial boost in terms of exposure and popularity. You will find our service to be an essential investment for your hotel – One that will make your guests feel welcome and completely satisfied with your hospitality.

Star Six Academy Benefits


Upgrading your hotel services is always going to be a huge benefit for longevity in the industry.


Your staff is going to be able to handle the needs and requirements of travelers with ease. This is going to ensure optimal ratings from your guests in order to preserve an impeccable reputation online and offline.


This investment provides a very tangible benefit in terms of service quality.

Jewish hospitality standards

Our certification is going to give your hotel staff everything they need in order to provide an optimal service to Jewish travelers. The training provided makes sure that there is no stone unturned. This translates to a truly unique and highly personalized experience for your guests.

Why should you be certified?

When you get your certification, you are going to increase your staff capacity to handle specific needs. This is going to translate to satisfied guests that are going to recommend your hotel to others. This means that your chances of better ratings and higher SEO placement are increased. All of this translates to more guests who are going to be happy to come back to your hotel when for future travels.

About Us

We are a group of people who understand the importance and value of giving hotels the required tools to achieve optimal results with their services. Our commitment to the process of training hotel staff for personalized hospitality has helped us achieve outstanding results in the industry.

If you are looking for a reliable way to upgrade your hotel services, you are going to find our certification services to be ideal for your needs. The outcome of our training is going to translate into a superior personalized experience for your guests.

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